Saturday, August 31, 2013



The determination of the Obama government to mount a military strike on
Syria on the basis of spurious allegations on use of chemical weapons will have grave consequences for world peace and security and only exacerbate the tragic civil war
there with more death and destruction in the name of "humanitarian intervention".

US Secretary of State, John Kerry, went on public media today with a prepared statement of purported "evidence" possessed by the US that the Assad Government in Syria had carried out a chemical attack on civilians in Damascus last week.

No such thing. Kerry's meandering statement of abuse of the Syrian Government laced with references to dubious You Tube videos, anecdotal reports by unidentified "medical sources", "reporters on the ground" and unverified "intelligence" was a farrago of stale propaganda being peddled by his new Al Qaeda jihadist friends for months now and contained no concrete evidence from any independent reliable sources to prove anything other than the Washington Government is using these discredited and false flag concoctions as an excuse to join the civil war in Syria with an attack on the military assets of the Syrian Government and assist the rag-tag collection of terrorists causing mayhem and murder in Syria for the past two years.

Deprived of the fig-leaf of "international" action by yesterday's democratic decision by the House of Commons in London to disallow British forces to participate in military aggression against Syria, Washington's Imperialist agenda of regime change in Damascus, like Libya previously, is exposed to full view. Discounting the efforts of the United Nations as they did in Iraq in 2003 and accusing Russia and China of "obstructionism" although both allowed the resolution on Libya to pass, Kerry ignores the US veto on every single resolution of the Security Council condemning Israeli war crimes against the Palestinian people including the use of chemical weapons such as white phosphorous against the civilian population of Gaza in 2009. No bombing missions or condemnations allowed on Zionist Israel.

Kerry's deviant logic in claiming that Iran was developing nuclear weapons because of being attacked with chemical weapons by Saddam Hussein in the Iraq-Iran war of the 1980's (weapons supplied to Iraq by US companies in a savage irony to Kerry's condemnation of Syria) is worthy of a Dr Goebbels propaganda outburst.

Kerry's statement would be laughable except that it is the preliminary to an aggressive military strike on Syria for political gain in which unknown numbers of people in Damascus will be killed to advance US imperialist aims and to save face for Mr Obama's "red line" speech last year. The stultifying hypocrisy of this shows how far the NATO war criminals will go to pursue their imperialist agenda.
Irish Foreign Minister and Deputy Prime Minister, Eamon Gilmore said yesterday that a solution to the Syrian crisis should be sought by diplomatic means; Mr Gilmore said “the appropriate place” for an international response to the alleged use of chemical weapons by the Assad regime was “through the United Nations and particularly through the United Nations Security Council”.
Answering press queries on the safety of Irish peacekeeping troops in the UN Golan Heights mission Mr Gilmore said: " The safety and security of Irish troops in the Middle East region has been paramount in the Government’s discussions with the United Nations on the Syrian crisis".
Mr Gilmore said the matter had been a central point when he spoke to UN secretary general Ban Ki-moon about the situation in Syria. “We have been assured by the United Nations that every arrangement that is possible will be put in place to ensure their safety and security. But it is obviously something that we will continue to discuss with the UN,” he said.
Some 115 Irish troops are to be sent to the Golan Heights area, between Israel and Syria, next month to join three others serving the area. A further 360 Irish troops are stationed in Lebanon as part of a UN force and there are concerns military personnel could be at risk from reprisal attacks should the US and other allies launch air strikes on Syria.


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