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Irish Government aligns with EU/NATO on Syria


Tánaiste (Deputy Premier) and Foreign Minister, Éamonn Gilmore, has joined with three other Foreign Ministers of EU member states, Austria, Denmark and Slovenia in calling for the Syrian President Bashir al-Assad to be brought to the International Criminal Court for alleged crimes against the Syrian people. A statement has been published by Gilmore, Michael Spindelegger (Austria), Karl Erjavec (Slovenia), and Villy Søvndal (Denmark), in their "personal capacity" but would hardly be issued publicly without the agreement of the Governments concerned.

The proposal in itself is highly contentious . Realities are reversed as the Syrian government is identified as responsible for committing atrocities, when in fact the killings of civilians, including extrajudicial assassinations, have in large measure been conducted by imported foreign death squads some of which are known to have been trained at former KLA terrorist camps in the Kosovo enclave controlled by EU/NATO. The existence of “opposition” terror brigades integrated by mercenaries and funded by NATO, Turkey, Qatar,  and Saudi Arabia (Those well-known bulwarks of Democracy and Human Rights) is not mentioned. Nor is the existence of the Al Nusra Front, affiliated to al Qaeda in Iraq, supported covertly by the CIA.

The Statement as issued is as follows:

"Over the months, we have been following the events in Syria with growing concern. We support the aspirations of the Syrian people to freely choose a government that represents all the enriching diversity of this multi-confessional nation, one that respects the rule of law, human rights and democracy. It is deplorable that the current regime in Damascus has not heeded the repeated calls for a peaceful transition of powerAs do our colleagues from the Arab League, we strongly condemn the violence by the al-Assad regime against the Syrian people. We call on all sides to end the violence and to genuinely support the U.N.-led efforts to achieve a political solution [The Damascus government has accepted all calls for a ceasefire and negotiations with genuine opposition elements but, has rejected arrogant EU/NATO demands that President al-Assad leave office. Does "all-sides" include EU/NATO covert intervention?].

But recent developments have given reason for even more serious concern. U.N. peacekeepers were seriously injured when a convoy of the UNDOF peacekeeping operation on the Golan Heights was attacked. Reports about possible preparations for the use of chemical weapons circulate. [Yes, they "circulate" but where is the origin of these reports? Mostly from US/NATO/CIA sources].

The al-Assad regime is preparing Damascus for confrontation with the rebels and we know that these situations of last stand urban fighting often result in the most terrible atrocities being committed in armed conflict, with particular dangers for civilians. Concerned that the crisis in Syria may soon reach a new level of violence, we publicly appeal to all parties to the conflict to abide by international law, especially international humanitarian law and human rights law, and to recall that all those that commit or order war crimes and crimes against humanity will be held accountable. This principle cannot and will not be negotiated. [How about EU/NATO abiding by International Law and stop interfering in the internal affairs of other countries? When has EU/NATO ever been held accountable for its war crimes? Bombing Yugoslavia in 1999 for example]

As we know from the work of the U.N. Commission of Inquiry on Syria, horrendous crimes have already been committed during the conflict in Syria, but there have been no consequences for the perpetrators. [Only days after Pillay issued her report, it was revealed that the figures had been supplied by Benetech, an organisation funded by the US State Department and the "National Endowment for Democracy". a neo-liberal group engaged in funding so-called "dissidents" in countries considered hostile by the USA] It is precisely for situations like this that the international community established the permanent International Criminal Court (ICC) ten years ago. This independent judicial body can provide justice when a state is unable or unwilling to prosecute the most terrible crimes. Since Syria is not a party to the ICC Statute, jurisdiction of the Court requires a decision of the U.N. Security Council. In view of the grave concerns mentioned above, and the lack of prosecution in Syria, we call on the U.N. Security Council to urgently refer the situation in Syria to the ICC. In this respect, we welcome the Conclusions of the European Union Foreign Affairs Council on December 10, 2012 and the Swiss initiative at the United Nations to achieve this goal.

A referral to the ICC – which has repeatedly been suggested by the U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights, Navi Pillay – has several advantages. The Court is a neutral and impartial institution that investigates and prosecutes the most serious crimes on all sides. A referral would give the leaders of the Syrian opposition a strong argument to call for discipline among its diverse forces [Note: they don't make any call for a ceasefire and withdrawal of the foreign terror gangs imported into Syria by EU/NATO, Quatar and Saudi Arabia] It would give the members of the al-Assad regime a further reason to question their allegiance. And it could assist the search for a political solution to the conflict. As we saw in other crises, parallel political and judicial processes are mutually supporting. There is no decision to be taken here between either peace or justice – a sustainable, long-term solution requires both.

Most important, however, a referral to the ICC would make clear to every fighter on all sides of the conflict that the gravest crimes will eventually be punished. We owe this not only to the victims and their families, but also to future generations of Syrians who want to live in a free state founded on the principles of peace and justice. And we owe it to the future of humankind: After thousands of years of sometimes gruesome history, human civilization must no longer accept impunity for the most atrocious crimes. Only if we make absolutely clear that these crimes will not go unpunished, can we reduce the likelihood that humankind will have to suffer from them in the future".


Mealy-mouthed hypocrisy of the worst kind; calling for peace and justice while giving back-handed support to the foreign terrorists wrecking Syria. No one is saying al-Assad is any kind of democrat but, they can't seriously expect that his heavily armed regime would give up without a fight.

This is another damaging blow by Gilmore to Irish Neutrality which has been the policy of his Labour Party for decades. Along with his Government's recent decision to seek an increase in US military flights through Shannon Airport and failure to implement their promises to enforce international law on these flights as publicly stated in their Programme for Government in 2011.

For a different view of the conflict in Syria, watch this:

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Eanáir /January 13 2013

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