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Irish Troops protecting Terrorist training Camps in Kosovo?


In the most shameful yet collaboration by an Irish Government with the aggressive NATO/EU military alliance, Irish troops serving in the NATO/EU organised KFOR occupation force in the province seized from Serbia by NATO/EU aggression in 1999, are by their presence and activity of logistical support for the KFOR armies, supporting terrorist training in camps now recently opened there for Syrian opposition gunmen and former Libyan rebels by the NATO/EU military command at the instigation of the Pentagon and Hilary Clinton’s US State Department. This is part of the US and its Arab League flunkeys’ illegal schemes to destabilise Syria and overthrow the Assad government and replace it with a pro-NATO puppet regime as has been effected in Libya recently.

It is scandalous and outrageous that this further affront to and dilution of Ireland’s long-standing policy of neutrality in international conflicts and support for international law and peaceful resolution of disputes, is being allowed without the knowledge and consent of the Irish people. None of the parties in the present government indicated that they would uphold such a policy in their election manifestos. In fact, to the contrary, the Programme for Government agreed between the Fine Gael and Labour coalition contained a section which announced that, in the case of use of Shannon Airport by the US military in supplying its wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, international law would henceforth be enforced at the Airport. It is quite possible that illegal arms supplies for militants in Syria are being transported via Shannon Airport, another breach of international law tolerated by the Irish Government. We don’t know since the Government refuses to have the Gardai search these US aircraft when they land here.

The “independence” of the illegal Kosovo enclave was recognised by former Minister for Foreign Affairs, Dermot Ahern T.D. in 2008, contrary to international law. The recognition of Kosovo by  the Irish Government decision followed a resolution by the Kosovo Assembly on 17th February that year to declare Kosovo independent.  Minister Ahern signalled then that he would recommend that the Irish Government recognise its independence.

At the time, Ahern said: “We regret that years of talks failed to produce an agreement between Belgrade and Pristina. The reality is that the legacy of the conflict of the late 1990s made the return of Serb dominion in Kosovo unthinkable, and also undermined the prospects for a long-sought compromise. After almost nine years under UN-led interim administration, more than 90% of Kosovo’s population wants independence, and this is supported by most of our partners in the EU, many of whom have already recognised Kosovo.” Ahern failed to state that such “independence” could not be legally established under the UN Charter without the agreement of the Member State whose territory was being claimed by demands for secession.

The scandal of such illegality is now further compounded by the setting up of terrorist training camps in the NATO/EU enclave for the use of  mainly US/Arab League sponsored gunmen for illegal interference in the internal affairs of another UN member state, namely Syria. Russia’s Foreign Ministry has issued a strong condemnation of the illegal activity:
The Russian Foreign Ministry urged international bodies operating in Kosovo to prevent the region from turning into a training ground for Syrian rebels. The Russian ministry said in a statement that the talks covered not only the ways of organising armed resistance against authorities but also the training of Syrian militants in Kosovo. “There are plans to use the areas in Kosovo that resemble the terrain in Syria. The possibility of setting up training camps at the former bases of the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) is also being discussed,” the statement said. “Transforming Kosovo into an international training ground for armed militants may become a serious destabilising factor that could extend beyond the Balkans,” the document said. “We urge international bodies operating in Kosovo to take all necessary steps to prevent these plans.” A delegation from the Syrian opposition visited Kosovo in April to allegedly make a deal on exchanging experience in guerrilla warfare against the ruling authorities in Syria. So far, the fractured Syrian opposition has been unable to form a steady front against the forces of President Bashar al-Assad.

The Albanian authorities in Pristina are denying the existence of the military training camps. However, Syrian activist Ammar Abdulhamid has told the media in Pristina that they will be learning from former members of the KLA how to unite the diverse armed groups in Syria and wage a guerilla war against the regime of Bashar al-Assad. “The example of Kosovo can be inspiring. They had already passed that road and have the necessary experience that is very useful to us. We are especially interested in learning how to gather into one army our dispersed armed groups”, said Abdulhamid. In the meantime, former Libyan rebels have also arrived to the Kosovo enclave, for whom a similar program of “demilitarisation” as was organised for the KLA in the summer of 1999 has been set up. This is just another “cover” for the training of militants for more NATO/EU proxy wars in the Middle East and elsewhere.

 It is well known that for many years there have been firm ties between the Albanian extremists in Kosovo and a large number of Islamic countries, because many Albanians had gone to those countries for religious education. The military training will probably take place in old KLA camps on the border with Albania and other places where there are no more Serbs. Since at issue is the “guerrilla” training, the region of the Prokletije Mountains will likely be used, as it has geographical similarities with the relief in Syria. Also mentioned as the additional training centres are old KLA bases in Kuks and Tropoja, in northern Albania, where the arrival of US “First Response” forces has been announced recently. The region of Macedonia is not excluded either. Heavy pressure has been employed by NATO/EU on the Macedonian Government to “fast track” its membership of the NATO/EU military alliance. However, what is especially concerning in this whole story is the fact that Kosovo will again become a military training ground. In context of the current situation in the region, i.e. the constant raids and attacks on Orthodox communities in Macedonia and frequent extremist attacks on the remaining Serbian population in  northern Kosovo, it could have serious consequences – not only for the Balkans, but on a larger scale, too. 


In 2010, Israeli online news service, Haaretz at www.haaretz.com, reported that the International Police force, Interpol, had just uncovered evidence that some Israeli operatives had been illegally obtaining Human Organs in Kosovo. Moshe Harel  was among seven indicted for membership of a criminal group trafficking people into Kosovo to remove human organs for transplant; another Israeli citizen, Zaki Shapira,  was identified identified as co-conspirator. At least seven people, including an Israeli citizen, are suspected of involvement in an international network that falsely promised poor people payment for their kidneys and then sold the organs for as much as 100,000 euros ($137,000), according to the indictment.

Five Kosovo nationals, including Ilir Rrecaj, a former senior health ministry official, were charged with five counts, ranging from trafficking in persons to unlawful exercise of medical activity and abuse of power. None of the suspects were in custody. Moshe Harel, an Israeli citizen, and Turkish doctor Yusuf Sonmez - are listed as wanted by Interpol. Sonmez is the subject of several criminal proceedings in other countries, including Turkey, for human trafficking and removal of organs, according to the indictment.

The prosecution alleged that one of the five, Kosovo surgeon Lutfi Dervishi was the ringleader of the criminal group. It said Dervishi attended a medical conference in Istanbul in 2006 and asked for someone who could perform organ transplants. He was contacted by Sonmez six months later. Dervishi and Sonmez then carried out the operations in the private medical clinic Medicus, managed by Dervishi's son, Arban Dervishi, who is also indicted. Harel was involved in identifying, recruiting and transporting victims and ensuring the delivery of cash payments by electronic bank transfer prior to surgery, the indictment said. Two other doctors, Sokol Hajdini and Driton Jilta are also indicted.

In 2008 investigators closed down the private health clinic where the doctors worked as part of the initial investigation. Kosovo police launched a raid triggered by suspicions that a Turkish man had sold his kidney to an Israeli recipient after he appeared fatigued at Pristina airport trying to board a flight to Turkey. The man, identified in the indictment as Yilman Altun, told Kosovo police at the airport he came to the Balkan country to donate his kidney on invitation from the private clinics. A doctor found Altun was not in good medical condition, and sent him to the Pristina hospital for treatment. When police searched the clinic in November 2008 they found an Israeli citizen in postoperative care, according to the indictment. Police seized medical records and supplies.

Rrecaj was fired from his governmental post after the raids and the suspects were arrested on Nov. 4, 2008. They denied all accusations and were released after 30 days in detention. Soon after the raid, the Belgrade-based daily newspaper Blic alleged that Dervishi was linked to allegations that members of the Kosovo Liberation Army kidnapped Serb civilians and killed them for their organs, which they later sold. The indictment was filed in a local court, according to EU officials who asked to remain anonymous due to the sensitivity of the case. The officials said the prosecution can still add the names of other suspects to the indictment and details of their alleged crimes.

Such scandalous and despicable criminality is carried on under the noses of more than 20,000 NATO/EU military personnel and 5,000 European police personnel deployed to the Kosovo enclave since 1999, including the detachment of Irish troops and Garda officers.

The Irish Government should immediately withdraw all Irish troops from the Kosovo enclave and end this shameful collaboration with NATO/EU schemes for terrorist sectarian civil war in Syria.

Áth Cliath/Dublin 05 Meitheamh/June 2012.


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