Tuesday, July 05, 2011


State papers released in London under the “30-Year Rule” on June 22, show that in 1980, Taoiseach Charles J. Haughey and Foreign Minister Brian Lenihan both indicated to British Ambassador in Dublin, Robin Haydon, that their government would be willing to increase defence and security cooperation with Britain even to the extent of Ireland joining NATO, the Cold-War military alliance dominated by the USA.

Haydon reported to London, around the same time as Haughey’s first meeting with shriek-owl British Premier, Thatcher, that Haughey expressed interest in security cooperation with the British “against terrorism” in the wake of the Iranian Embassy siege which had been “an example to everyone”. Haydon assured London that Haughey’s accession had “not harmed security cooperation between the RUC and Gardaí which seemed, if anything, to have improved”.

After the Downing Street conflab, Haydon met Lenihan who “not prompted by me” said that Ireland would be prepared to take part in defence cooperation. “I asked if that included possible membership of NATO and he replied that it did”. “In his view, Ireland’s neutrality was diminished as soon as it joined the European Community”. “He admitted, in reply to my question, that he might be before his time as far as the general public were concerned; the public would have to be educated for the change, which he was sure would come” Haydon reported.

Now we know; Sleazebag Haughey, corrupt and immoral bastard as he was, pretending that he was leader of “The Republican Party” and successor to the leaders of 1916, was prepared at a whim and to curry favour with the British and NATO warmongers, to sell out and demolish Ireland’s traditional policy of neutrality in international conflicts without compunction. Another example of the serial hypocrisy and corruption of the Fianna Fáil Party under Haughey’s reprobate leadership. Neutrality policy has served our people well even considering only the recent activities of NATO, the world’s largest criminal organisation, since 2001 with illegal wars in Afghanistan and Iraq costing $4.4 Trillion, more than 60.000 casualties among their own troops, 1 million civilian dead in Iraq, 750,000 in Afghanistan, 8 million people displaced from their homes in both countries and a new war started in Libya this year. It’s bad enough that the shameful collaboration with the US military transports continues at Shannon Airport but, at least, those of us who have defended Irish Neutrality down the years don’t have the blood of innocent people on our hands.

Baile Átha Cliath/Dublin
05 Iúil/July 2011.

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