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In the early hours of Monday morning, 31/05/10, the peaceful flotilla of civilian ships heading for Gaza with food, medical supplies and construction supplies for the people of the besieged territory, was brutally attacked from the air by Israeli assault troops fully armed and intent on violent seizure of the vessel they boarded, the Turkish passenger ferry “Mavi Marmara”. The attack occurred at least 60 miles west of the Israeli coast well outside any territorial waters claimed by Israel. Not unexpectedly, the passengers on board put up determined physical resistance to the Israeli terror troops with all means to hand and succeeded in disarming some of the Israeli pirates for a time. The Israeli pirates replied with shocking munitions fire with fatal consequences for at least 10 and maybe more of the civilian passengers and injury to several others. The ship was eventually seized at gunpoint and taken to the Israeli port of Ashdod. Five other ships accompanying the “Mavi Marmara” were also detained and brought to Ashdod. Over 600 people were kidnapped by force and detained by the Zionist terror state in gross violation of all the norms of international law and human rights conventions.

World-wide condemnation has followed this outrageous act of violent piracy on the high seas by the Zionist terrorists and massive public protests have occurred instantaneously in a number of countries. In Dublin yesterday afternoon, 4000 people gathered outside the General Post Office in O’Connell Street (Symbolic building of the Irish struggle for independence from Britain) to protest against Israeli murder and piracy and the illegal detention of the participants in the Gaza Aid flotilla including several Irish citizens. The Lord Mayor of Dublin, Councillor Emer Costello arrived to join the protest and was welcomed with acclaim.The protest later moved to outside the Israeli Embassy at Ballsbridge, south of the city centre and a further protest was carried out there with wide representation of political parties and ngo’s; the Lord Mayor(Irish Labour Party), the Ireland Palestine Solidarity Committee, Socialist Worker’s Party, Sinn Féin, Éirigí, Peaceand Neutrality Alliance(PANA), Irish Anti-War Movement, Ireland Burma Solidarity, Afri.

The Israeli Ambassador in Dublin was called to the Irish Foreign Ministry by the Minister, Mícheál Martin, and an explanation demanded from the Israeli Government as to their illegal actions and the detention of Irish citizens who were part of the Gaza flotilla. In a calculated snub, officials closed the main doors of the Ministry on St Stephen’s Green, requiring the Israeli Ambassador to use an

entrance at the rere of the building for his meeting with the Minister. In hundreds of messages to the Minister and to the Irish broadcasting media, the Irish people have expressed deep anger at the piratical actions of the Zionist state and demanded immediate action by the Irish Government to insist on the observance of international law and the immediate release, unharmed, of all people illegally detained by the Zionist state military and its agencies. Further demonstrations are expected to be organised in the coming days. Today, 01/06/10, the Irish Foreign Minister issued another statement demanding the release of the Irish and international hostages held by Israel and later in the Dáil(Ireland’s Parliament), the Irish Taoiseach(Prime Minster) Brian Cowen made a stark statement that “if any harm comes to any of our citizens there will be extremely serious consequences”. This statement marks the most serious breach in diplomatic relations between Ireland and Israel in the history of both states.

Meanwhile, the Irish/Malaysian aid ship the "Rachel Corrie" which travelled from Ireland is still on its way to Gaza, undeterred and unintimidated by Israeli threats and state terror bullying. The "Rachel Corrie" is massively supported by the Irish people and Government and will not be turning back. The ship is expected to arrive early on Wednesday.

FearFeasa Mac Léinn

Áth Cliath/DUBLIN, 01 Meitheamh/June, 2010.

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