Wednesday, February 10, 2010


The vicious attack on public service pay and people on the lowest incomes on social welfare schemes proposed in the Fianna Fáil budget in December 2009 was the most blatant such attack since the days of William Martin Murphy and the 1913 lock-out, even stooping so low as to reduce the miserable pension offered to blind people. This is the advance strike of a clear campaign based on the employer agenda of IBEC and the exploiter class to cut wages across the board which had been underway even before the extent of the Fianna Fáil criminal mismanagement of the Irish economy became apparent to a shocked public just twelve months ago.

The Gombeen parasites who make up the Fianna Fáil mafia have, in their reckless abandonment of any control on the greed and moral turpitude of themselves and their property developer cronies, brought this country to the status of a sleazy banana republic and they now propose to make the ordinary working people of this country pay for their criminal negligence while the ill-gotten gains of the fraudulent “Celtic Tiger” are hidden away, untouched, in various tax-havens around the world. The cynical Cowens, the lying Lenihans and the rest of the rotten crew, the Aherns, the Haugheys, and their cronies the property speculators have reduced this Republic to a beggar state of US and EU capitalism with an enormous debt amounting to possibly €100,000 for each family in the state. They have ruined agriculture, the basis of any civilisation, sold out the richest fisheries in Europe to the EU bureaucrats, given away the €1000bn gas find off the west coast to rapacious monopoly Shell Oil for nothing, unprecedented even in the annals of the most exploited neo-colonial regimes in the entire world


This despicable renegade clique, who genuflect obsequiously to every finger- wag of Washington and ass-lick everything which arrives from the Brussels Citadel of Bureaucracy Incorporated, have betrayed everything which the founders of the state, including some of their own ancestors on whose reputation and honourable careers they now parasite,intended for an independent Irish Republic and are now involved in a desperate game of hanging on to power at all costs in the vain hope that the world capitalist crisis will sort itself out and that they will then pretend that their predatory actions did something to help it along. No way should the Irish people accept this scenario. This rotten Government must be driven from office and a General Election called at the earliest possible time. This is the main duty now of Labour and the Left Opposition. Support the Trade Unions’ industrial actions, relentless opposition in the Dáil and outside.


We don’t need to wait for the world crisis to end in our favour, which it inevitably won’t, a new Government is needed now which will take decisive action to restore the Irish economy. The main culprit in the banking scandal, Anglo-Irish Bank, now nationalised since 2008, should be dissolved and to hell with stockholders and bondholders, no more taxpayers money to bail out property speculators which Anglo-Irish was set up to facilitate. The two main retail banks, Bank of Ireland and AIB should be immediately nationalised and a new publicly owned bank constructed out of the ruins. Taxpayers’ money should be going to create credit for economic development at all levels including major state infrastructural projects. No more inflated cost PPs sink holes. Kick out the Shell Oil robber barons and their lackeys. This may sound radical to some but, the Government has nothing to offer but economic stagnation, wage cuts, social welfare and health reductions and emigration for the now 450,000 unemployed as a result of their Fianna Failure corrupt regime.

Now is the time to increase the pressure on this Bandit Government! Support the Trade Union Campaign of Opposition! Ally with the Greeks and our fellow workers all over Europe. Refuse to work for slave wages! Fight your corner and don’t emigrate, send the Cowens and the Lenihans packing instead! To hell with the ECB and Neo-Liberalism!

FearFeasa Mac Léinn

Áth Cliath/DUBLIN, 10 Feabhra/February, 2010.

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