Thursday, September 03, 2009


Pursuant to our question below as to the absence of a question on the Lisbon Treaty in the Irish times poll today, the answer was revealed tonight as figures for voting intentions were revealed which will be published on Friday:

Support for the Lisbon Treaty has plummeted from 54% last March to 47% now, even though there has been little campaigning on the issue until the last two weeks.

The main “Vote NO to Lisbon”campaign only launched officially on August 18. Declared “Noes” are up 1% to 29%. This is up from 18% at the same stage of the 2008 referendum. As the NO vote gathered strength continuously through thecampaign last time to reach a 54% majority and win the referendum, these figures are heartening indeed for the NO Campaign and profoundly shocking for the pro-Lisbon Parties and hangers on.

Despite massive media propaganda and millions of Euros spent on publicity, scaremongering about the economic crisis and threats of unemployment, people are not buying the Government/Brussels line and the NO side is in line for another smashing victory for democracy and a peaceful, non-militarised, socially progressive Europe.


Áth Cliath/Dublin, 03 Meán Fomhair/September 2009

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