Friday, April 03, 2009


A man died in London yesterday while being chased by police with dogs near a major protest outside the Bank of England, Threadneedle Street, where thousands had gathered to protest against the depredations wreaked on the world’s economies by rogue financiers and speculators in the worst financial crisis of capitalism since the 1929 Wall St Crash.The man was fleeing, with others from a police attack on the protest when he tripped and bashed his head on the ground, later on being brought to hospital, he was found to have died.

These police actions were entirely unnecessary as the protesters were standing shouting slogans and not interfering with either property or the police. The fascist tactics adopted against the protest by London police were despicable and in contravention of human rights and the right of democratic protest. The police decided to corral protesters into a confined space on the narrow street and would not allow anyone to enter or depart to either relieve themselves or obtain liquid refreshments of any kind. On a sunny day in central London, this was inhuman and scandalous conduct by the London police. It was during the police attack on the protesters in the effort to corrall them in that the fatal incident occurred. There was no threat to state security here as the alleged object of all the heavy-handed security in London yesterday, the G20 summit of world leaders was being held in a well-guarded compound elsewhere.


The summit of world leaders went ahead in the docklands area of London without incident, away from the central areas where protests were being held. Eurozone leaders, France and Germany managed to resist US pressure to increase spending on bank bailouts and thus make Europe pay for part of the massive US budget deficit. this, at least, was one positive element of the outcome, but, no doubt, there will be more difficulties ahead with actual implementation of the announced agreements. The basic flaw in all of this is that the political leaders of Capitalism are refusing to recognise that their financial system has collapsed and new modes of production must be introduced to get the world economy back in action.

FearFeasa Mac Léinn

Áth Cliath/DUBLIN, 04 Márta/March 2009.

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