Wednesday, November 12, 2008

DUBLIN: puts Govt. noses
out of joint!

The visit of Czech President, Vaclav Klaus, to Dublin this week has caused acute discomfort to the Irish government, as President Klaus has taken the opportunity to repeat on Irish soil his well-known Euro-scepticism and disapproval of the despised Lisbon Treaty. The last thing the Government wants is any senior statesperson form anywhere in Europe agreeing with the emphatic NO vote by the Irish people last June, as they and their media parrots have been trying to convince people here that we are “isolated” and cut-off from “mainstream” Europe in our democratic decision to throw out the bureaucratic power-grab of the Lisbon Treaty in our referendum vote.

This lying propaganda stance has tried to conceal the fact that there has been continuous opposition by thousands of people in cities all over Europe to the Lisbon Treaty which, in its previous publication as the so-called “EU Constitution” was voted down in referenda in France and the Netherlands. The campaigns in other EU countries are continuing but are studiously ignored by the Irish media, especially Radio Telefís Éireann. The open bias by RTÉ during the Referendum campaign here was an absolute disgrace. On radio news on the day of the count, senior reporter Sean Whelan was apoplectic with rage as the NO votes started tumbling out of the ballot boxes and it became clear that the electorate had whacked the political elite with their biggest defeat ever in an EU referendum. In the “Irish Times”, political correspondent Stephen Collins reprimanded the electorate for their contrariness in not going along with what their betters in the political elite had told them to do and for making life that much more uncomfortable for the EU bureaucrats who had tied their careers to the ratification of the undemocratic and dishonest Lisbon Treaty.

The Czech President further dismayed his hosts by arranging a private meeting with Declan Ganley, leader of the “Libertas” right-wing lobby group which campaigned for a NO vote in the referendum here. Ganley has now registered “Libertas” as a European political party and will have candidates in several countries in the Euro-parliament elections in 2009 with the support of French MEPs in the MPLF. President Klaus announced this meeting in advance of his visit to Dublin and is no surprise as he is a right-wing politician like Ganley, with similar political views. Once again, the Irish media did a disservice to the people last June by elevating Ganley to a position of leader of the NO campaign, which he was not, and failing to report the fact that he had been a large donor to Fianna Fáil funds in the past. The result of the referendum clearly shows that the biggest NO vote was in working class areas of Dublin and other cities and towns and by women who were opposed to the continuing militarisation of the EU. The biggest yes vote was in middle and upper class areas of the wealthier suburbs where Ganley might be presumed to have more influence among the business and professional types. The Irish media have yet to explain this contradiction in their distorted reporting of these events. Likewise the defeat of the previous “EU Constitution” in the French and Dutch referenda was achieved with massive support from the socialist voters of those countries despite being told to vote yes by the Socialist Party leaderships. Further, there has not been a single question addressed to President Klaus about the Czech Republic’s decision to go along with the despicable Buckfush regime in Washington in locating missile sites in Poland with supporting radar in the Czech Republic, despite massive public opposition in both countries(more detailed article on this to follow).

With the Czech Republic assuming the Presidency of the EU on 01.01.09, with a confirmed Euro-sceptic in charge, it will be a lot more difficult for the Irish government to maintain its falsehoods about Ireland being “isolated” in the EU and with a mounting campaign of opposition among the general public within the EU against the Lisbon political fraudsters, their miserable efforts to undermine the people’s democratic decision here are doomed to failure along with any schemes to have a second referendum. The Lisbon Treaty is a dead duck, the Irish people having put a stake through its heart.

FearFeasa Mac Léinn

Áth Cliath/DUBLIN, 12 Samhain/November 2008.

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