Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Despite all the previous bloodthirsty rhetoric from Militant Milliband, smarmy Brit Foreign Secretary, and the parrot chorus from Warsaw, Tbilisi and the Baltic NATO colonies, McCain, Buckfush and all, the result of the much trumpeted EU “emergency” summit, Tuesday, 02 Meán Fhomhair/September 08, was a wimped-out finger wagging criticism of Russia’s positive actions in the Caucasus against dotty Georgian dictator Shitfacevili.

Both Paris and Berlin, as we flagged below, damped down talk of “sanctions” which hadn’t a hope of succeeding anyway, and the result of the whole expensive, time-wasting farce was a decision to postpone talks with Russia on development of mutual relations of cooperation. The only ones who will suffer from this are the EU members themselves, losing business opportunites in Russia which will go to other partners outside the EU bloc. It is notable that the USA, which started the whole thing anyway by arming the Georgian criminals and egging on their sneak attack on the peaceful country of South Ossetia, hasn’t “sanctioned” a single American business deal with Russia.

French President Sarkynoze had to return to Moscow and be told what for by Russian President Medvedev which Sarkynoze had no option but to accept. Russian troops will now be permanently stationed in Abkhazia and South Ossetia and new bases will be constructed for them there in agreement with their respective governments whether the EU or NATO likes it or not.

It is quite clear that European interests do not include confrontation with Russia which supplies the majority of gas/oil to most of Europe. The NATO expansion agenda of the USA and its puppets is contrary to those interests and is a retrogressive continuation of an old cold war strategy designed to preserve the USA’s status as No 1 superpower. The world is changing fast and the centre of economic power is moving to the Eurasian landmass where the developing economies of Russia, China and India provide the opportunities of increased trading links and new markets for EU industries and services.

The economic logic of this is not lost on Washington think-tanks and Pentagon planners which is why the NATO expansion agenda is being vigorously pushed at present. Washington is desperate to avoid consolidation of this natural development which would vastly outweigh the US economy, separated, as it is, by two vast oceans from the rest of the developed world. In addition, Latin America, which the US has long regarded as its own “backyard” is gradually detaching itself from US economic domination. The scene is being set for permanent decline of the USA as the dominant economy of the 20th century and its replacement in the 21st by the new dynamism of Eurasia.

Europe, as the western geographic outpost of this vast super-continent with its long-standing historic, political, economic and cultural links with the rest and the physical links of the densest network of roads, railways and fuel pipelines on the planet, is ideally placed to join in this inevitable development with substantial and secure benefits for everyone. The military implications, of course, are quite stark. This combination would be invincible and capable of resisting any threat. Washington knows this well and this is the reason why they are pursuing the divisive warmongering agenda of the last few years.
Europe, therefore should detach from the aggressive NATO policies of the USA and establish friendly relations to the East with Russia and beyond. This is the true interest of today’s Europe, not fantasising and replaying old, outdated cold war battles or propping up piddling little dictators like Shitfacevili in Georgia.

FearFeasa Mac Léinn
Áth Cliath/DUBLIN, 16 Meán Fomhair/September 2008.

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