Monday, June 16, 2008

..... And NO again.

In a crushing and humiliating defeat of the Brussels Bureaucrats, the intelligence and wisdom of the Irish People and their passion for Democracy made a historic step in the development of a People’s Democratic Europe. The despicable and dishonest Lisbon Treaty, the EU Constitution under another name, has been consigned to the rubbish bin, the political elites and the bureaucrats have suffered the inevitable consequence of their contempt for the people and democracy.

The result of last Thursday’s Constitutional Referendum, 12 Meitheamh/June, 2008, shocked the political establishment of the Irish Republic as the people took into their own hands the defence of their own democracy and trounced the latest bid of the Brussels Bureaucrats to grab unjustified and unwarranted power to themselves and diminish the rights of all the peoples of the European Community in a sly and deceitful document deliberately calculated to confuse and mislead the voters.

On Friday morning, Meitheamh/June 13, 2008, as the avalanche of NO votes emptied from the ballot boxes all over the country, the political elite and their hangers on stood dumbstruck and shocked to the core as they stared defeat in the face and realised that the people had rejected the lies, bullying and threats of the shambling ‘Yes’ campaign and asserted their authority and sovereignty as the Constitution, Bunreacht na hÉireann, declares.

As the piles of NO votes mounted, the international media, crowded into the precincts of ancient Dublin Castle at the national count centre, broadcast the news around Europe and the world that the Irish People had decisively rejected the Lisbon Treaty in a stunning defeat of a Government proposal, unprecedented by its majority in the history of the Irish Republic.

As the shockwave of the result swept across Europe, the Bureaucrats of Brussels and the leaders of those countries who had refused their own peoples the right to vote on this Constitutional Treaty, stood in dismay that the people of one small island had brought a halt to the conspiracy against democracy represented by this damnable Treaty. The political situation in the EU is transformed. One thing should be made clear; not only do we reject the Lisbon Treaty but we also reject any attempts to keep it in existence by backdoor methods or illegal pressure on the Irish Government or people.

Such attempts would be disastrous for social peace and cooperation in Europe and, let there be no doubt, would result in widespread unrest and dissent in all of the member states which the political elite would not be able to contain. They enter upon that road at their peril. We hope wiser counsel will prevail and that the deficiencies in the administration of European cooperation be remedied by establishing involvement of the peoples at every level of development, without unnecessary delay, and a permanent end to bureaucratic diktat and closed door manoeuvring. The people of Ireland and the rest of Europe demand no less.



FearFeasa Mac Léinn
Áth Cliath/DUBLIN, 14 Meitheamh/June, 2008.

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