Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The huge Meeja Hype over the adventures of Brit Royal, Prince Harry, in Afghanistan, made dramatic reading in the Brit tabloids and Sunday Smuts last week, but, as usual, it was just that, HYPE.
In the first place, Prince Harry’s outfit was based at least 200 miles away from any serious combat with Taliban Forces, which mainly occurs adjacent to the Pakistan border to the south. The Prince never went anywhere without at least eight heavily armed bodyguards whose duty it was to take any possible hits aimed at their royal buddy in arms.

The so-called media leak to an Australian website which “revealed” the Prince’s presence in Afghanistan and resulted in the well publicised hasty departure of the royal adventurer from the country, was a controlled leak by the Brit Ministry of Defence to get splash coverage in all media with already prepared film clips of Harry and Friends in training exercises to try and put some positive spin on the dire situation of the NATO military forces in Afghanistan.

The whole thing, Hero’s homecoming and all, was a theatrical event organised in advance with the added benefit of some positive spin for the Brit Royal Family who are being undermined by the sensations of the Princess Diana inquest currently taking place in London and which is providing a meal and a half for the Tabloid Vultures.

The harsh truth is that the Gung-ho NATO invasion of Afghanistan has run into the ground and is in dire straits militarily with insufficient resources to stop the revived Taliban offensive in the south. Only the US, British and Canadian contingents are actively involved in combat resulting in fierce resentment by their troops against the other NATO’s from Germany, Poland, Spain and Italy; and the refusal by the Germans and several other NATO allies to send additional support troops has seriously split the NATO alliance.

Coupled with the shambles of the Occupation of Iraq, the so-called ‘War on Terror’ is the most bloody and financially ruinous Western Imperialist adventure since the Vietnam war. Yet, the despicable Buckfush regime in Washington and its London lapdogs persist in trying to pretend that they are achieving some sort of victory in this desperate situation. The Turkish Army’s invasion of northern Iraq – Kurdistan last week exposed the scandalous hypocrisy of the NATO Alliance’s supposed “Defence of Freedom” outside its Treaty obligations of the defence of Western Europe.
Also, last week, Buckfush allies Israel and Colombia invaded neighbouring territories in pursuit of their aggressive aims contrary to the UN Charter and International Law.

Colombian forces entered Ecuadorian territory allegedly in pursuit of “rebels”, possibly sparking off a war in the region between themselves and Venezuela, an ally of Ecuador. Venezuela moved tanks to the frontier and put its Air Force on combat alert over the weekend. The reckless actions of Colombian President, the Washington puppet Alvaro Urribe, has created an extremely dangerous situation in the region as even a minor provocation on the frontier could see a full-scale response by Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez who is sorely irritated by the activities of the corrupt Colombian Army near his country’s borders. At the same time, Washington has an interest in stirring up trouble here as an excuse for a military attack on Venezuela’s left-wing government.

This, only a week after the NATO gang had opened up another area of conflict in the heart of Europe by allowing the NATO-controlled criminal enclave of Kosovo to declare “independence” from the sovereign Republic of Serbia, to which the territory rightfully belongs. The Zionazi Israeli forces launched a terror attack on the civilian population of the Gaza Strip, which UN Secretary General, Ban Ki Moon called “out of proportion”, in response to rocket attacks into Israel by Palestinian militants. Over 70 civilians were killed, many of them young children.

The aggressive activities of NATO and its surrogates across the world begs the question of who are the International Terrorists? The NATO aggressors are the current biggest violators of the UN Charter and International Law and Human Rights with their indiscriminate crossing of borders, carpet bombing of civilian populations, maintenance of illegal torture camps and illegal detentions and torture of innocent civilians in several countries. All of these aggressions and violations of law left unremarked by the pipsqueak Irish Government and its alleged commitment to the UN and International Law. No surprise there, since Blank-Cheque Bertie & Co have already sold out Irish neutrality by allowing US military aircraft on their way to Iraq and Afghanistan to land and refuel at Shannon Airport.

FearFeasa Mac Léinn
Áth Cliath/Dublin, 4 Marta/March 2008.

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