Tuesday, June 19, 2007


It didn’t take long, did it, for the Greens, duped, doped and delivered on a platter to Blank-Cheque Bertie’s soirée at the Áras last week to be rightly snookered by the Warriors of Destiny? Only hours after being sworn in as Minister for Environment, John Gormley finds himself in the shit-pit, kindly filled up for him by The CockRoche, his FF predecessor, who before vacating the office signed an order allowing the M3 motorway to bulldoze its way through the Hill of Tara historic archaeological site despite protests from local groups, national and international academic opinion and the Green Party itself (pre-election, of course). With one swoop, FF have revealed the Greens as toothless “watchdogs” incapable of stopping FF getting away with their outrageous anti-environment policies.

This shows now what fate has in store for the totally neutralised Greens. They will be stooges for Blank-Cheque Bertie and his regime of sleazy cronyism and stroke politics. Accompanied by the undemocratic and unconstitutional brazen public bribery of individual TD’s with taxpayers money, the Blank-Cheque Supremo undermines Irish democracy by preferring tribalist fiefdoms instead of equality of citizenship as required by Bunreacht na hÉireann. There is nothing in the Constitution which requires “constituencies”, which are merely arbitrary lines drawn around segments of the population for the purpose of equalising the representation of the people in Dáil Éireann, to be the recipients of Government largesse, at the expense of the general taxpayers, for the purpose of obtaining political support from selected TD’s.

The distribution of tax revenues should be for the common good and not for the personal whims of politicians behaving like a corrupt aristocracy which the republican form of government was supposed to do away with. “Republic” has to mean equal citizenship or it means nothing. We know now that it means nothing to Fianna Failure, the so-called “Republican Party”. And the Greens are now willing partners of this destruction of our democratic politics by an arrogant and pestiferous clique for which the Fianna Failure party is a mere front. The sight of the Gombeen-Ultra, Jackie Healey-Ray, exulting in his loot in Dáil Éireann on the first day of business, should have been enough to make any democrat sick-to-their-stomachs with disgust, yet the Pure Greens sat there and swallowed it.

The extent of the Green Party sell-out is unbelievable: they have abandoned several of their principal policies announced during the election; no co-located hospitals, no M3 motorway through Tara, end of US military stopovers at Shannon Airport, no coalition with FF; all dumped in the bin in exchange for some perceived “influence” at the cabinet table. Nothing substantial or concrete which Blank-Cheque Bertie or Biffo Cowen could be pinned down on. John Gormley gets a reduced Environment Department with the roads section transferred to Noel Dempsey’s Transport Department. Eamonn Ryan gets Communications and Energy/Natural Resources with Marine also transferred to Noel Dempsey. Were they deaf and blind as well? It is quite obvious that Bob the Builder passed on the orders to Bertie and Biffo and they were carried out to the letter.

Trevor Sargent, former leader of the Green Party, for whom this writer once had respect, made a rancorous and petulant attack on the opposition in the Dáil after the formation of the government accusing them of not wanting to engage with the Sinn Féin representatives in an attempt to form an alternative administration; a valid point, but, negatived by the fact that neither he nor his party made any approaches to anyone for the same objective. Even if the Labour/Fine Gael effort ultimately failed, there could have been a left voting-bloc established in the 30th Dáil, which had the greatest ever number of left-wing TD’s elected in any election. This possibility has been seriously weakened, if not neutralised, by the Greens defection to the Party of Sleaze and Opportunism. This writer has no sympathy at all for them as they endure their Purgatory as puppets in the Bertie & Biffo Show.

FearFeasa Mac Léinn

Áth Cliath/Dublin, 19 Meitheamh/JUNE 2007

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