Wednesday, May 23, 2007


For anyone who has to live on wages earned or retirement pension, there is only one set of choices in this election; Labour and the other Left Parties, Greens, Independent Socialists. The more Left –wing TD’s elected to the Dáil, the better for representation and defence of the interests of working people. Trade Unionists who vote for Fianna Failure are cutting their own throats; FF/PD are the parties of the employers, exploiters, land speculators, big business, bankers and kissmea$$ foreign monopolies. These vultures don’t give a tuppenny-fuck about workers interests. Low wages and longer hours are their main aims.


If you vote for the continuation of FF/PD you’re voting for privatisation of your public health service, and further down the road, privatisation of education and public water supply as well. You’ll pay through the nose for these services and the FF/PD business cronies will rake in their profits at your expense. DON’T BE FOOLED by soft-sell rhetoric by Blank-Cheque Bertie. He didn’t deliver on the promises of the last two elections and he won’t deliver on the current lot either. His job is to guard the interests of the Rich Elite who own your jobs, your house mortgage and your bank credit. If you vote for him you give THEM the means to change the laws to suit THEIR interests, not yours. THEY will decide how much tax they WON’T pay and therefore, how much tax YOU WILL pay whether you like it or not. THEY will decide where houses WILL be built and where NOT. THEY will decide how much YOU WILL PAY for a house. THEY will decide who has first access to HEALTH CARE and who WILL NOT. THEY will decide to increase charges forESB, GAS, GP and Hospital visits, Public Transport, Bin Tax and the coming WATER TAX and whatever additional stealth taxes they can think up in the next five years.


During this Election campaign, Phoney Democrat Fuhrer Micilín Mac Doolittle, has accused other parties of bank-robbing and obtaining money from drug pushers but his party has carried out the biggest scale robbery ever in the last ten years. The Government’s own statistics show that wages as a percentage of Gross Industrial Production have fallen by a quarter; In 1997, when PD/FF came into office, the share of wages in the value of gross industrial production was 9.4%. In 2002, when their first five year term ended, the figure was reduced to 7%. This means that, by comparison, a net amount of 25% of the wages share had been transferred to PD friends in the corporate sector and all the gains of productivity in those five years had gone to them too (CSO – Census of Industrial Production 1997-2002). And that was before the Government took its tax cut and the affect of Government ordered price rises.

This means that the wage-earner’s share of the value of the “national cake” as they like to call it, has been reduced by a quarter as a direct result of PD/FF economic policies. In money terms, this exceeds any bank robberies of this or any other century. Not only have they put a big hole in the value of your wage packet but, they still have the brass-neck to demand that you pay for all the other stealth charges they have introduced as well.


FearFeasa Mac Léinn

Áth Cliath/Dublin, 23 Bealtaine/MAY 2007.

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